Welcome to the MISTA 2013 challenge!

MISTA 2013 challenge publication

The official publication of the MISTA 2013 challenge is now available. Please cite this paper when referring to the challenge problem, datasets or results.



In the context of the 6th Multidisciplinary International Scheduling Conference (MISTA 2013), the CODeS research group at KU Leuven is organizing a challenge with the goal of stimulating research in scheduling. The challenge deals with the multi-mode resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problem (MRCMPSP) in which multiple projects have to be scheduled, while taking into account the availability of local and global resources.


For more information, please refer to the detailed description of the problem.

Competition format

The competition is divided into two phases. In the qualification phase, teams can register and submit solutions for a first set of instances. In the second phase, all qualified teams will be able to finetune their algorithm using a second set of instances. Some time before the start of the conference all qualified teams are required to submit their final algorithms which will then be evaluated by the organisers to determine the winner. The winners of the MISTA 2013 challenge will be announced at the MISTA conference to be held at Gent, Belgium (27-30 Aug 2013).


For more details, check the deadlines and the competition rules.


The winner will receive a prize of 1500€, awarded by iMinds. The second finalist will be rewarded with 750€, awarded by Conundra. Finally, the third finalist will receive 250€, awarded by OM Partners.


iMinds       Conundra       OM Partners


03/09/2013 - Final results

The final results are now available online. Congratulations to the three finalists!

  1. A. Kheiri, S. Asta, E. Ozcan, D. Karapetyan and A. Parkes from the University of Nottingham
  2. M.J. Geiger from Helmut-Schmidt-Universität, Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg
  3. T.A.M. Toffolo, H.G. Santos, M.A. Moreira de Carvalho and J. Soares from Federal University of Ouro Preto
We intend to keep track of best results obtained on the competition instances. If you are planning to continue working on this subject, you are most welcome to contact us to report new results.

05/07/2013 - Final submissions

We are pleased to announce we received a total of 11 submissions. The winners of the competition will be announced during the MISTA conference in Gent, Belgium (27-30 Aug 2013).

31/05/2013 - Abstract submission and registration

Qualified teams should submit an abstract describing their algorithm. It will be included in the electronic proceedings of MISTA, only if the following conditions are met:

At the end of the conference, all abstracts will appear online on the MISTA challenge website.

Qualified teams who register for MISTA will have the opportunity to present their work in a session dedicated to the topic. A 'pitch' session will be organized where each team has 5-10 minutes to present their work. The focus should be on: The problem description will be presented at the start of the session by the organisers.

For registration and more info on the conference, and the social activities, check out the conference website at http://www.schedulingconference.org and http://www.schedulingconference.org/social/.

30/04/2013 - Qualification results and second dataset

The results of the qualification rounds are now available. The next phase of the competition has started and the second dataset is now also available. Only the teams that are mentioned in the ranking are qualified for the next round.

25/03/2013 - Deadline extension

The deadline for qualification and registration has been extended by one week, to the 11th of April 2013.

21/01/2013 - New evaluator

A new version of the evaluator has been uploaded. Please make sure that you use this latest version.